Garfield’s Fire Strings Chicken Alfredo Sandwich Recipe

A delicious, messy chicken Alfredo sandwich with a kick, topped with Cajun-seasoned, crispy shredded hash browns.

Sex and the City

I’ve been working on my site and trying not to freak out too much over the fact that one of my contracts will be completed soon. I really, really don’t want to go back to transcription. I like it well enough (eh, not really true anymore), but doing it for over 12 years has takenContinue reading “Sex and the City”

I Think My Mom is Picking on My Cat

I think Mom is driving my cat crazy! My youngest, Phineas, can’t see, and he goes around the house crying and looking at the ceiling. He keeps trying to get as close to the ceiling as possible; climbing on the couches and chairs and pawing at the wall. I told hubby that Mom must beContinue reading “I Think My Mom is Picking on My Cat”

New Disability Question on Applications

I have been filling out applications and submitting resumes like a son of a gun and I’ve noticed something. I use Indeed, LinkedIn, and ProBlogger for job searching. Some of the available jobs allow you to apply on those sites, or you follow a link and apply from the employer’s site. Anyway, several jobs IContinue reading “New Disability Question on Applications”

I’m a Hooker With a Heart of Gold

My mom used to crochet. My aunt was the arts and crafts gal, but Mom dabbled. Like any kid, I wanted to do what she was doing and, boy, did she try to teach me! Having a right-hander teach a left-hander (me) something isn’t the easiest! First, she had the brilliant idea to have meContinue reading “I’m a Hooker With a Heart of Gold”

I Think I’m Having a Pre-Midlife Crisis

Do women have those or are they only for men? Whatever the deal, something’s going on. I am an autistic with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which makes things really fun in my household. I have my ways and routines, but when I need a change, one must change right along with me and remember thatContinue reading “I Think I’m Having a Pre-Midlife Crisis”

What Will Calm Me Today, Brain?

Do you ever not know what will soothe or calm you on any given day? After my mom died, I watched Frozen every day for months. It had no connection to Mom because it didn’t come out while she was alive, but it soothed me. Regina Spektor has the same effect. She has two songsContinue reading “What Will Calm Me Today, Brain?”

Oh, the Anxiety!!

Holy crackers, I think I’m going to puke. I’m in bed, trying to sleep, to no avail, and decide to check my email. I’ve been invited to interview with MacMillan Publishing as an editor and proofreader. Like, right then. Chop-chop, we’re waiting for ya! Commence extreme anxiety. Ice courses through my vein, which feels aContinue reading “Oh, the Anxiety!!”

The Toxicity of the My Favorite Murder Culture

The Truth About the “Inclusive” Fans “You’re in a cult. Call your dad.” This popular quote by Karen Kilgariff, co-creator of the My Favorite Murder (MFM) podcast, could not be more true when speaking of the hundreds of thousands of fans that make up this now-toxic culture. Created in 2016, My Favorite Murder is aContinue reading “The Toxicity of the My Favorite Murder Culture”


Well, still eating popcorn! Hubs is all, “I’m worried about you; you’ve had four bags of popcorn in a week and nothing else.” We’ve been together for nearly 11 years; I don’t know why he’s so shocked. Come to think of it, he didn’t/doesn’t see a lot of stuff because I was the most myselfContinue reading “Discouraged”