New Disability Question on Applications

I have been filling out applications and submitting resumes like a son of a gun and I’ve noticed something. I use Indeed, LinkedIn, and ProBlogger for job searching. Some of the available jobs allow you to apply on those sites, or you follow a link and apply from the employer’s site.

Anyway, several jobs I have applied for now include asking about disabilities. It lists several different ones, including diabetes and autism, which I found very odd. I believe it’s part of the EOE (equal opportunity employer), but I always feel… skeptical? Suspicious?… when checking the disabled box. Are they really using that to include disabled people or to weed out disabled people? I can’t say one way or another because I haven’t been approached or hired by any of them.

However, I don’t know their true intentions. I have type 1 diabetes and autism, among other things, so I do always check the disabilities box. Diabetes and autism do not affect my work performance, though. Well, if my sugar is too low, I am not in any state to work, but the employer(s) wouldn’t have any idea about that. These are all remote positions, so I wouldn’t be physically present anyway.

I don’t see autism as a disability, per se. It comes with a host of issues that are considered disabilities, especially socially, but since I work from home, the social aspect doesn’t come into play. I think differently than neurotypical people supposedly (it’s normal to me, I don’t know why it’s not normal to them), but that’s a difference, not a disability.

When speaking to “normal” people, I do get a lot of, “Well, I never thought of it like that,” or “Yeah, that’s one way to see it,” but I think that’s a good thing. I am not the only person who thinks differently, so there could be millions who see things the way I do.

Statistics dictate there’s a possibility others think like I do, so I see myself as an asset when it comes to writing for people or companies. Maybe that’s just me, though.

Published by Amanda Riley

Amanda is a general, legal, and medical transcriptionist and freelance content writer for companies from WV. She loves her 3 kiddies, reading, writing, and crocheting. #AutismAtWork

2 thoughts on “New Disability Question on Applications

  1. I don’t see any of the labels doctor’s have given me as disabilities. The way I look at it God made me. I know many people would say I’m a Christian, I’m not. The phrase “God don’t make no junk” sums up my belief in the way I’m made. I don’t believe the Creator of the universe, created me flawed. He made me perfect. Sin corrupts ‘perfection’, not ‘flaws’. A few years ago I learned I was and am made perfect. A disability is a human label. Well, because humans have to label literally everything. Whether you are a believer in the God of Abraham or not.
    That aside businesses, some use those same labels against us and other are seeking more diversity in the workforce, and others are hiring only people with additional labels. The more people that a company has a ‘disability’ the more government kick-backs the company gets.
    If you go to the various disability websites such as and search “hiring companies” in the search bar there is a list of articles that talk about companies hiring. The articles chat about the good and the bad, and things people with epilepsy need to watch for.
    I hope this helps.

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