The Toxicity of the My Favorite Murder Culture

The Truth About the “Inclusive” Fans
Yeah, I was in the cult.

“You’re in a cult. Call your dad.” This popular quote by Karen Kilgariff, co-creator of the My Favorite Murder (MFM) podcast, could not be more true when speaking of the hundreds of thousands of fans that make up this now-toxic culture.

Created in 2016, My Favorite Murder is a true crime/comedy podcast with Karen and Georgia Hardstark at the helm. Almost instantly, MFM was #1 on iTunes. Soon Karen and Georgia were selling merchandise, talking to fans on Instagram and in the Facebook group (the latter, they subsequently left), doing live shows, and even writing a book together, which became #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Karen’s deadpan humor and Georgia’s sweet disposition and empathy make them entertaining. I was an avid listener, despite me abhorring the F-word, which is liberally used in each episode. I forked over the $40 to join the fan cult, which netted me the above shirt and the chance to listen to the recorded live shows on the site. I was a “murderino” and even thought about getting a “Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered” or SSDGM tattoo, which is very popular among fans.

The fan base just kept growing and growing. One Facebook group turned into dozens upon dozens of murderinos and -“erinos”-ending Facebook groups; Frienderinos, Etsy Murderinos, Rainbow Murderinos, Crafterinos, Burgerinos, Slitherinos, Caterinos, Dogerinos, Readerinos, ad nauseum. Then something shifted

Karen and Georgia started getting attacked for not being “woke” enough for some fans. Their merchandise was offensive, they said the wrong word (like “prostitute” instead of “sex worker”), they didn’t change their ways to satisfy and align with their fans’ ways. This led to them leaving the main Facebook group. That didn’t stop the attacks on Instagram.

Book Cover — Goodreads

When Macmillan Publishers accidentally announced the release of the Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered book before Karen or Georgia did, fans ascended on Twitter in a rage and cyber-bullied the publisher to the point of Karen and Georgia begging for them to stop.

Some of the nicest, sweetest, most helpful people are murderinos, so long as you don’t disagree with them. I was a member of about a dozen murderino niche groups and actively participated in them.

This “inclusive” cult became toxic and hateful over time. It’s an unspoken rule that you must be far left politically or you’re detested on principle and often kicked out of the FB groups. But they accept everyone, of course, because they are very inclusive (we really need a sarcasm font). If more than one group is moderated by the same person, you’ll be kicked out of other groups for your “unsavory” opinions you expressed in one.

I have seen many dumpster fires and deletion or archiving of groups. I have seen FB group members cyber-attacked and/or kicked out for:

  • Someone announcing her pregnancy because she didn’t include a trigger warning.
  • Someone asking for prayers after her child committed suicide. She was a Christian.
  • Someone stating she would pray for another person. Another Christian.
  • Someone not having a problem with the MFM camp shirts that featured a teepee. She was Native American.
  • A Trump supporter who joined the My Favorite Burgerinos (Bob’s Burgers fans) FB group. This person did not utter a word about politics; merely had a “Trump 2020” profile picture. One member stated that person “didn’t belong here.”
  • Someone used the term “committed suicide” instead of “completed suicide.”
  • Someone stating they do not support Luciferianism or Satanism.

The above is what I’ve seen for myself. The cult has no issue attacking Karen and Georgia and not letting up until their demands are met. Their “We made you, we can break you” mentality and ignorance of the definition of inclusion is more toxic than any straight white male they may deride or “unwoke” business they boycott en masse.

Published by Amanda Riley

Amanda is a general, legal, and medical transcriptionist and freelance content writer for companies from WV. She loves her 3 kiddies, reading, writing, and crocheting. #AutismAtWork

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